Footloose and Fancy Free

You and I now,
We can be alright.
Just hold on to what we know is true.
You and I now,
Though it's cold inside, we
Feel the tide turning

Some day

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Gorgeous new song by Mumford & Sons for the new Wuthering Heights movie.

View from the Volunteer house of a part of NHCC’s Our Village
From The Bayon At Angkor Wat


Just some advance warning… I’ll be posting a series of photo’s from my trip to Cambodia where I was volunteering with an orphanage. A truly incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone. It changed my life. Anyway, I miss it and thought I could share some of it on Tumblr to show off the beauty!

Peace x

One Day.
One Day I will see you.

“And yet…”

—   "And yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep little company together nowadays."
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No need to feel homesick when someone goes above and beyond to remind you of home and that it hasn’t changed!!

verypeculiarindeed-deactivated2 said: You and me could write a Bad Romance, but you'd probably just Telephone all of your Boys Boys Boys to tell them about how you Fooled Me Again. Together we could be the Scheiße and have the Paparazzi Starstruck because we were Born This Way as Beautiful Dirty Rich. I know you've had some wrongdoings with Alejandro and Judas, as you have a thing for Brown Eyes, but if you let us play a Lovegame then I promise you that I'll be So Happy I Could Die, and you can Dance In The Dark until you reach your Edge Of Glory.

Love you Bébé x

Anonymous said: I wanna love you,
But something's pulling me away from you.
Jesus is my virtue;
But theyellowsubmarinethatcould is the demon I cling to.

I think I could know you,

Something’s drawing me to you.

Your anonymity feels like a clue;

That could lead me to the path of your identity true.